A letter to my four-year-old

My bub, pooch, pud, baby, Jack,

Four, how has this happened? It only feels like yesterday we were celebrating you turning three.

Looking back on this past year, so much has happened, it’s hard to put it all in to words. Not long after your third birthday, the three of us went to Cyprus and it was without a doubt one of my favourite holidays. It was incredible spending so much quality time with you, just playing and being a family, I still look back to that trip and can’t help but smile.

The rest of the year has been rather interesting! Those yucky germs have been hanging around since March, it’s meant that for a good chunk of the year you stayed at home with us, missing all your nursery friends and not being able to see any of our family – it was a tough situation for everyone (I suppose that’s an understatement!), but on the plus side you’ve become quite the master of FaceTime! Things are slowly getting back to normal now, we finally get to see the family again and you practically ran the whole way to nursery on your first day back.

Speaking of nursery, yesterday marked the end of an era, it was your last day! Now in just a few short weeks you’ll be off to big school. I don’t think I’m quite ready to accept it yet, especially after seeing you in your school uniform that’s way too big, but I know you’re going to absolutely shine. I’m just so worried because you’re going to be one of the little ones, but I know deep down you’re more than ready, so I’m just going to have to patiently count down the hours from when I drop you off until I can pick you back up again!

Oh, and how could I forget, in April we got to tell you that you’re going to be a big brother! In just under 2 months, the baby that you’ve been talking to in my tummy every single day will be here. Even the thought of watching you meet your baby brother or sister for the first time makes me emotional, I just know you’re going to be such an amazing brother, you’re so kind and sweet and caring, this baby is already so lucky to have you as a big brother. At the moment you keep asking for a baby sister, fingers crossed if we have a little boy you’ll still be just as excited!

Here’s to you baby boy, I hope for the year ahead that you’ll continue to shine and carry on being the funniest, sweetest and most compassionate soul – it’s an absolute pleasure watching you grow each and every day, especially this past year.

Happy fourth birthday, darling.

Love you forever, Mummy xxx

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