A letter to my three-year-old

My baby boy,

Well, where do we even begin? I just can’t believe you’re three, time really needs to slow down!

Jack, you’ve been an absolute dream to be around this year. You’re sweet, thoughtful and so very funny. You often come out with things way beyond your years, and so many people tell me you’re just like daddy when he was your age.

It’s been incredible to watch your confidence grow over the last few months, you used to be such a timid little thing, but thanks to your love of football, moving to the big room at nursery and being around all your crazy cousins – you’re definitely getting your voice heard!

Your increased confidence has also meant that you’re sometimes a right little monkey, and not in a good way! Where are times when I wish you would just listen, let’s hope you’ll grow out of it (soon, please!).

We’ve been on a couple of adventures this year, we went away with Grandad Richard and lots of your aunties, uncles and cousins – it was such a lovely trip, you and your cousins ran around like headless chickens for the most-part! Not forgetting our trip to see your main man, Thomas the Tank Engine! We had such a fun time at Thomas Land, I’ve never seen you so excited!

The sky gained its biggest star this year, and I made a promise to make sure you remember that your special great big star is always with us, and with your little Northern twang with random words still going strong, it’s clear that your special star is still in your mind.

Another year gone and I love you more and more each day. Who knows what this next year will bring. One thing that is for certain, you’ll always be my baby boy, even though you hate me calling you baby!

Love you to the moon and the stars, Pooch, happy birthday.


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