A letter to my two-year-old

My little pud,

And in the blink of an eye, you’re two.

Where do we even begin? So much has changed this past year, I’m glad to say that all the dramas of 2016/17 are slowly fading away, it’s been a much happier time.

This past year your personality has really come out. You’re a shy little thing around new people, but you soon settle in and before you know it, you’re laughing and chatting away, it’s so lovely to see. You’re also the vainest kid I’ve ever known, constantly looking in the mirror or asking to watch videos of yourself.

You’re tottering around constantly, you may not have mastered the running side of things just yet, but you’ve got a mean power walk! You’re chatting away from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you close your eyes at night, it’s incredible being able to have little conversations with you, even if they mostly involve me singing ‘the wheels on the bus’ over and over again!

We’ve moved in to a new house, worlds away from the lovely little flat you first called home. You bound around like you own the place, shouting ‘Jack’s big tree, Jack’s house’ every time we pull on to the drive. It’s so nice having some space for you to run about, and a garden for all your toys.

We’re up bright and early every Saturday so you can go football training with daddy, who now thinks you’re some sort of pro-athlete at the age of two!

We went on our first family holiday this year – boy was that an experience, you were a little monkey to begin with but you soon settled right in, even nearly three months later you still ask for your ‘holiday house’. We had the most amazing time and I’ll always remember our very first holiday, just the three of us having some real quality time together.

Oh Jack, you have made my life so amazingly full, every day I count my lucky stars that you’re in my life. You’re a breath of fresh air and you’ve grown up so much this past year, I wish life would just slow down a little bit, I’m enjoying this time too much.

Happy 2nd birthday, you incredibly special boy.

Love you always,


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