We’re not quite there yet

Jack’s two in August and lately we keep getting asked ‘so when’s the next one?’ and to be honest, it’s driving me a little mad.

We’re just not thinking about that yet – we’ve just moved in to a new house that needs a lot more work than we first thought, money is tight, and not to mention Jack is quite hard work at the moment – so to say we’re not ready for baby number two at the moment is a bit of an understatement!

I always thought my first child would be around one and I would already be thinking about number two, I always said that I didn’t want a big age gap and I want all our kids to be really close in age, but now I’m not so sure! Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I see a picture of a ickle new born baby and my hormones go in to overdrive and I’m like ‘yep, I want another one’ but then there are times when Jack has been an utter nightmare and I think ‘how on earth do people cope with more than one!’

I’m lucky that the majority of my pregnancy was a breeze, but the start and end were just awful. The morning sickness was so bad at the start that I ended up in hospital, and towards the end I had such bad hip pain that I spent most of the four weeks before he arrived in bed – I just don’t know how I would manage being pregnant and having a toddler, as well as working and running a house! When the time comes I know that I’ll just get on with it – but right now the thought just terrifies me!

It seems like the norm is a small age gap, both of us have brothers and sisters and we’re all quite close in age, there’s only 18 months between me and one of my brothers! There’s 13 years between me and my oldest brother, that’s quite a hefty age gap but it’s not something I’ve ever really taken much notice of, especially now we’re not kids anymore and have kiddos of our own. I’m not saying that it’s going to be another decade before we start thinking about baby number two, but another year or so at least.

It’s also a bit of a ‘jump to conclusions’ question, what if we just wanted to have one child? Or what if it was a real struggle falling pregnant in the first place, you can’t just assume these things and surely, it’s ok that we’re not quite there yet?

I know that we would love to be a family of four eventually, I also have a gut feeling that I’m going to be outnumbered by boys, but for now we’re very happy just the three of us!

2 thoughts on “We’re not quite there yet

  1. Lorraine says:

    Well said Kara I love the fact that your brutally honest.. life isn’t always a bed of roses with a little one that’s just finding his feet… there’s plenty of time yet for Jack to be the big brother.. keep the good work up your doing a great job xx


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