My original main man

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there was another main man in my life before Jack came along.

Nearly 11 years down the line – we’re married, have a baby, and have just moved in to our second home, it’s been a busy few years that’s for sure!

But lately it seems like the busy lives that we’re leading have completely taken over, Shane’s job is insanely demanding, I’m juggling working 4 days a week and having Jack on the other. We’ve found ourselves doing the same thing every night – we’ve both had long days at work and once Jack is in bed we just want to have dinner, watch tv then go to sleep.

But a few weeks ago we went out with friends – it sounds like no biggy, but we’ve not been out together with our friends in soooo long, let along have whole day and night off from parent duty.

We laughed, more than we had done in such a long time. We chatted about everything and caught up with friends we hadn’t seen in what felt like forever. It was nice to not be mummy and daddy for just one day, it felt like we had gone back to our ‘younger days’ (I’m only 26 FYI – even though that definitely sounded like I am a 90 year old haha) where we didn’t really have any responsibility…

We drank, too much! The Pornstar Martinis were calling (it’s worth pointing out that I hardly ever drink!) and we ended up having to get me an emergency margarita pizza from a nearby Pizza Express in the hopes of sobering me up halfway through the night… not my finest hour but oh well #noregrets.

We stumbled home from the train station way past my bedtime, the next morning we had a hungover McDonald’s and before we knew it, Jack was running through the front door and we were back to being mummy and daddy.

Shane is still my main man, he always will be, we’ve just got a little main man that is keeping us very busy at the moment. We’ve just got to remember that we’re more than parents – but sometimes that’s a lot easier said than done!

2 thoughts on “My original main man

  1. Lorraine says:

    Planning is the key…. on our calendars we have Birthdays, pick ups, drop offs, work things, family events, the list is endless!!!! Somewhere in there stick a date night…. it really doesn’t matter if you stay in or go Ballroom dancing 😳.. just take that adorable little boy off with his overnight bag to Nanny’s house and have a ‘Date Night’ Everyone deserves a break… PLAN IT… ❤️


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