Moving on up

They say that buying a property and planning a wedding are two of the most stressful things you can do – well three years ago we decided to do them both at the same time!

Fast forward to today, we’re now smack bang in the middle of buying our second property, with a toddler, and after one of the hardest and most stressful years we’ve had to go through, we don’t do things by halves do we?

We hadn’t planned on even thinking about moving until the middle of next year, but I always keep the Rightmove app on my phone, does anyone else enjoy having a little nose around other peoples houses – no? Just me then. So anyway, during one of my stalky Rightmove binges, I stumbled across a house that just seemed perfect. It ticked all of our boxes: driveway, three bedrooms, plenty of space and a place for Shane to have a studio for his music production. It even ticked the boxes we didn’t know we wanted: downstairs toilet, office (which I’ve been told would make a cracking utility room, oh the dream), and an extended kitchen/diner with beaut bi-folding doors that lead out to the garden.

The more I looked at it the more I loved it, so we sat and worked out our budget, spoke to our mortgage advisor and before we knew it we had two viewings and an offer accepted! You’d think the second time around I would have the slightest clue about mortgages, afraid not! This is where having an accountant for a husband comes in handy, because soon as our broker starts talking about interest rates I glaze over!

At the same time our place went on the market – jeez I did not realise how stressful that would all be! Constantly rushing home from work and making arrangements so we’re available for viewings, making sure the place was immaculate at all times (which is really easy with a one-year-old causing chaos, not). The sale has actually fallen through quite a few times, through no fault of our own might I add, but it’s made the process a whole lot more exhausting. Even now, so close to exchange, I’m terrified that something is going to go wrong and we’re going to lose our beautiful house.

It also feels like our current home is getting smaller and smaller, we’re in a fairly big 2 bedroom flat at the moment, and will be moving (hopefully) to a place that’s a lot bigger than what we’re used to, well for a start it’s two floors! I think that’s the problem, I keep thinking about all the space we’re going to have and I’m just getting more claustrophobic!

I need to stop myself from going crazy and basically redecorating before we’ve even moved in, but once those contracts have been exchanged I’m going to be glued to Pinterest and plan everything out room by room, oh and pack our lives in to boxes, obviously…

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