Love is in the air?

So here we of again, it’s that time of year where the shops are lined with heart shaped chocolates and bunches of flowers for far as the eye can see.

This year marks our tenth Valentine’s Day together, and it’s a day Shane and I have never really taken much notice of.

I think for the first year we made a bit of a deal out of it, we went to Colchester Zoo if I remember rightly! We’d only been together four months at that point, so we were still in that honeymoon stage when it’s the done thing to buy the biggest teddy or biggest bunch of roses. But as the years went on we celebrated it less and less, to now when we just exchange cards and that’s that.

We’ve just never really seen the point of celebrating Valentine’s Day, we just see it as one of those unnecessary ‘celebrations’ when you’re forced to show how smitten you are with someone. I would much rather Shane shower me with love – and presents, those would be nice too – all year round, than be nice on just one day and then an arse for the other 364.

Are any of you guys in the same boat? Or do you like being made a fuss of on Valentine’s Day, would love to know what you think!

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